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Our goal at Cornerstone Learning is to transform the way we all learn about becoming better leaders, and helping leaders, employees, and individuals alike reach their highest potential.

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*Now with a free Lead Where You Are Trait Assessment! The world is more complex, the opportunities more dynamic, and performance leadership is shifting from top down to enterprise wide. To compete and thrive, each of us must lead where we are, no matter where we are.  We must focus on developing skill sets, actions, and behaviors that:                 Cultivating the leader in you requires continual learning, active development, and ongoing reinforcement. Invest time in developing these as core competencies by completing all Lead Where You Are courses!   The Lead Where You Are Package includes all interactive LWYA courses, guidebooks, resources, plus the trait assessment: Leading Accountability Leading Change Leading Performance Leading Relationships Leading With Purpose Read More

The Elevate Team Engagement Package provides a simple but comprehensive turn-key approach to enabling engagement, performance and agile team success. Elevate provides step by step online courses, tools and resources that help teams form, perform and re-form. This framework is designed to jumpstart and sustain team success and has been developed and refined to enable the next generation, network of teams, performance model and is currently assisting successful teams across the globe. Our experience has shown that without an enabling framework teams are often slow to form, lack relevant tools and training, underperform and can become inhibitors to success. Elevate ensures teams are clear on purpose, aligned for success, have the necessary resources and a defined path that enables success. Read More

A simple but effective guide to organizing, leading, and attending meetings.  We've all been there, staring at the ceiling or at a whiteboard or at a screen while someone continues to drone on. You stare and wonder why you and everyone else in the room were even told to be there. You wonder what the ultimate goal of the meeting is, and surprise, it never actually comes. You leave the meeting in a cloud of confusion and frustration. Well, it's time for that to end. It's time make our meetings a gathering that inspires individuals and leaves them with a sense of purpose. Read More

In today's complex and ever-changing world the pace at which we now have to keep provides easy barriers and excuses to establishing and cultivating relationships. It is now easier to communicate in real-time than ever before but in return makes it easy to mistake real-time communication for real, genuine relationships. We may be connected by 'bits and bytes' but unfortunately we are losing the art of the personal connection. To effectively lead and influence where you are, we must get back to developing, cultivating, and investing in authentic, personal relationships every day. Read More

Bridging the Accountability Gap Individual accountability is one of, if not the most important trait, that defines an individual and their ability to deliver results consistently.  So are you accountable?  Like most, you probably would answer, "Yes, absolutely I am accountable!"  But are you?  Leading Accountability explores accountability with you by defining what being accountable truly is, not just in words, but also associated behaviors.   The program provides you with a quick assessment that measures your natural traits and propensity to being accountable and provides a baseline to measure your progress in enhancing your personal accountability. You will learn how to bridge the gap of accountability that exists in any organization to move from letting things happen to making things happening for you and your team.  When you see blame and justification happening or things begin to drift, you are the one to effectively intervene in a positive and productive way to provide a path to success. You will have a process and a plan to increase your personal accountability that you can share with others which could impact their ability to be more accountable. So even if you answered yes to the question, "Are you accountable?", the reality is, all of us can enhance our ability to become a role model of accountability for others to follow. Start today. Included in purchase: Leading Accountability Online Course Accountability Planning Guide Accountability Reinforcement Card Accountability Tip Sheet Read More

Creating or finding a sense of purpose in life and work is neither a new concept nor groundbreaking discovery that seems to be gaining momentum these past few years. And yet, for some reason we tend to focus and strive to complete tasks for numbers (profits) or purely tangible things that, over time, tend to wear us down and wear us out. It's time to shift our focus and enable greater organizational and individual success by discovering a purpose for the things we do and create. Read More

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